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Landing page — Loginom Day 2023

Task: to develop a landing page for the Loginom Day 2023 event.

Target audience: data analysts, managers, IT specialists.

Development duration: 2 months.

My role

  • Participation in the design development together with colleagues
  • Frontend development

Tools and technologies

The landing page was developed in Figma, according to all the canons of modern web development.

Also, as usual, the program of the event is loaded onto the page from a Google spreadsheet published as a web service. Since the landing page does not have an admin panel, this approach allows us to literally adjust the information in real-time during the event, which is a common practice based on experience. Someone's schedule shifts, someone drops out at the last moment, and it is not always possible to make changes using a developer promptly. In addition, the usual lengthy business process of publication does not allow doing this in a reasonable amount of time, if at all possible at that moment. So we have been using this technology for several years now. All is well.

Finally, the landing page was developed on time and fulfilled its mission.