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Data Cleaning Marathon Landing Page

Task: to develop a landing page for the data cleaning marathon event.

Target audience: beginner data analysts.

Development duration: ~1 month.

My Role

Of course, I was not the only one working on this project, but my role included:

  • Design (in collaboration with the team)
  • Frontend development

About the Project

The event is a 12-day intensive on data cleaning. The goal of the marathon is to help analysts more effectively handle tasks related to data preparation and cleaning, which typically take up about 80% of their work time. Each day, participants received a theoretical article and completed a small data cleaning task. The task was then discussed the following day. The landing page featured a raccoon as its character.

Implementation Features

One of the project's features was the need to create a dynamic schedule. On one hand, all 12 program items had to be displayed on the landing page, but on the other hand, links to them had to be opened as materials became available — a new link was opened each day. Regular information updates were important, but since we didn't have an admin panel and the developer couldn't always be on hand, our team decided to use an old proven method — Google Sheets as a web service. We created a table with the necessary data, published it as a web service that provided data in CSV format. Then we uploaded this data and converted it to JSON format (for convenience) to create a dynamic schedule on the landing page.

In summary, the landing page was successfully developed according to requirements and within the timeframe. Feedback from event participants indicates a positive impression of the individual illustrations featuring the raccoon that were created for each of the 12 marathon days.